50 Skips

How are you at skipping – can you do 50 skips? If you are really good at skipping can you do 50 skips without stopping!?



What You'll Need

skipping rope

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Aim: Complete 50 skips with a skipping rope

Did you know that skipping can be used as a cardiovascular workout similar to jogging or bicycle riding? Ten minutes of skipping is roughly equivalent to running an eight-minute mile. Skipping for 15-20 minutes is enough to burn off the calories from a candy bar. Phew!

Choose Your Level:

Beginner – complete 10 skips in a row and complete this 5 times

Expert – complete 50 skips non-stop

**If you stop skipping you must start again**

*Guides & Rangers – time yourselves to complete 50 skips, then try and better your time!

Submit a photo and your time (for Guides & Rangers) to the Facebook page when you’ve completed this activity.