Catch a ball

Can you catch and throw a ball 50 times?! Try either on your own or with a partner.  If you are really good see if you can do it 50 times without dropping it.


What You'll Need

Energy and a ball !!

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Aim: Throw & catch a ball 50 times

Did you know that playing catch can improve your aptitude for a multitude of sports; such as netball, football, basketball and even games like hot potato and dodgeball? In fact, playing catch even at a very young age helps develop dexterity, coordination and confidence!

Choose Your Level:

Beginner – complete 10 throw & catch of the ball in a row and complete this 5 times

Expert – complete 50 throw & catch of the ball non-stop

**If you drop the ball you must start again**

Tip: If you don’t have a partner, you could bounce & catch the ball off a wall!

*Guides & Rangers – time yourselves to complete 50 throw & catch of the ball, then try and better your time!

Submit a photo and your time (for Guides & Rangers) to the Facebook page when you’ve completed this activity