Tin Can Alley

Make your own fairground attraction and have a go at Tin Can Alley

tin can alley title card

What You'll Need

Empty Tins/Cans


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Aim: Make a Tin Can Alley and play with your family

Tin Can Alley is a traditional game frequently found as a side stall at funfairs and fetes. The game consists of throwing a small ball or beanbag at a stack of tin cans assembled in a pyramid shape. The objective is to knock over all or as many of the cans as possible with only three throws. Good luck!

Choose Your Level:

Beginner – assemble a stack of 10 tin cans and see how many you can knock over in 3 throws

Expert – assemble a stack of 15 tin cans and see how many you can knock over in 3 throws

Challenge – stand further away from your tin can alley to make it harder, or see if you can knock over all of the cans with only 1 throw!

Tip: If you don’t have tin cans you could use paper cups, toilet roll tubes!

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