What is cinderella's last name?

With only the slipper to locate his mystery woman, the prince is not sure what to do. Thankfully, he has a clever and supportive friend at court who can help track the lady down. He sends out inquiries requesting all of the foot sizes of the ladies in the kingdom, so that the royals might send out shoes from the royal cobbler as a thank you. The prince's friend then makes a list of every family in the kingdom that contained a lady with the right shoe size.

But the prince knows that shoe size alone is not enough to track her down. After all, so many ladies have the same size feet. The prince also has several clues about the lady's family name, though, and this will help him figure out in which house to look for her.

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The prince has the following clues about the lady's family name:

1) Her name has more than 4 letters but fewer than 8.
2) Her name does not end in a vowel.
3) Hers is the only family with that letter at the beginning of its name.
4) Her name contains more than two vowels.